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You may just turn some heads with this waterproof beauty! With a "touch of glitter" its not only completely practical, but super stylish!

Outside: 100% Designer Cotton Laminate
Padded, easy to wipe clean, and boasts a sturdy Velcro closure.

Carefully made by hand in the USA.

The sturdy buckle attaches to you camera strap so you don't lose your Camera Coat while shooting!

The 3 awesome pockets in the back are perfect for your smartphone or extra SD card.

Strong Velcro keeps your camera nice and cozy inside its Camera Coat!

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  • Standard | Available at ADORAMA.COM - Sold Out
  • Large Standard | Available at ADORAMA.COM
  • Small PRO | Available at ADORAMA.COM - Sold Out
  • PRO Size | Available at ADORAMA.COM - Sold Out
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