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{Giving Back}

We are proud partners of adults with disabilities at TURN Community Serviceswho tag, package, and ship our products. 

{Made in the USA}

Each product is carefully handmade by women here in Utah. We especially love to contract with refugees who bring amazing handcrafting skills to our products. 

{Our Little Story}

A few years back we took a family trip. If you have kids you know how that is...bags, strollers, car seats, blah, blah... Since we were flying, our hands were especially full. I wanted to take my Nikon SLR, but did NOT need another bag to carry onto the plane and didn't want to check my little bundle of joy. (Anyone nodding their head about now?:))

So, I went into problem solving mode. I had made a little fabric bag/holder/protector for my 6 year old's video game and decided my camera was more I threw my camera in it, put it in the diaper backpack, and off we went.

It was life changing I tell you. My camera was protected and I didn't have to haul another bag around!

I kept that little cover on my camera (wearing it around my neck) as we went to the beach, the Magic Kingdom, and everywhere else. I was in love. My little "coat" protected my camera from the bumps of crowds, kids spills, sun, rain, snow, sand, and anything else that came my way.

My friends wanted one. And thus, began my journey with Camera Coats. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Emily Ashby


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